Mathieu et Camille Apffel

Avant la Tempête 2022

Are you ready to be transported to the French Alps? Made from Jacquère grapes, this wine smells of fresh Alpine herbs with flavours of dense, ripe citrus fruits. It's a zippy wine with strong tension. If you enjoy Burgundian whites and want to opt for a refreshing alternative, this wine is right up your alley.


Winemaker: Mathieu et Camille Apffel

Farming: Organic

Region: Savoie, France

Vintage: 2022

Grapes: Jacquère

Colour: White

ABV: 11.5%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Mathieu et Camille Apffel

The story of Domaine Apffel starts in 2013 when Mathieu started to experiment on the ‘Apremont’ parcel alongside our Kiffe veteran and fellow Savoie grower, Mathieu Goury, of Domaine Chevillard. After a few years, the two decided to pursue their individual projects, and so in 2017, Mathieu received the chance to take over a cellar and land from a retiring grower, and hence marked his official journey as a solo endeavour ...