Super Cattivo

'When life gives you lemons, make Super Cattivo!'

Burgenland, Austria


Organic (Certified)




We are thrilled to introduce the bitter aperitif’s from Tristan, Daniel and Franz (Weninger) to our portfolio.

Since their time working in some of the best bars of New York City, Burgenland natives Tristan and Daniel have long been thinking about making bitter aperitif’s that are made without additions. After years of trialling they connected the dots and joined forces with Newcomer veteran Franz Weninger to bottle their first official SUPER CATTIVO range in early 2021.

While the base comes from Franz’ biodynamically farmed Pinot Blanc grapes, Tristan and Daniel source organic bitter oranges, bergamots, lemons, Cedro lemons and mandarins directly from small farmers in Sicily and infuse them with herbs they collectively find in the fields and forests of Burgenland. Franz then adds plain brandy to find the right blend and bottle without additions.
This is a project built out of encouraging collaboration. Tristan, Daniel and Franz firmly believe in the benefits of bouncing ideas off one another, thinking both as a group as well as independently, and hope that Super Cattivo will be consumed in the same way. These bitter aperitifs are made for experimenting with, mixing, creating, and most importantly, sharing.

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