Attila Homonna

'My first three vintages I thought I knew everything. It wasn’t until the fourth year that I realized I didn’t know anything! I had so much to learn still. That’s when I changed everything — the style of the wines, how I worked, how I made wine.'

Tokaj, Hungary


Organic (some vineyards in conversion)


3 hectares


Attila Homonna retrained as a winemaker after a career in marketing and advertising, and a brief stint working as a DJ in New York. After gaining experience with winemakers in Portugal and Languedoc, Attila decided to establish his own winery, and has been making some of Hungary’s most compelling wines since 1999.

Attila’s tiny estate in the Hungarian village of Erdőbénye is the definition of a boutique winery - producing a mere 3,000 to 5,000 bottles a year. The quantity might be tiny, but the quality is most certainly outstanding. Attila’s 3 hectares of vines grow in the Határi, Csáky and Rány vineyards - some of the best sites in the villages of Erdőbénye and Olasziszka. The historic vineyards are planted to old clones of Furmint and Hárslevelű, Hungary’s most highly regarded white grape varieties, producing wines with immense focus and complexity. Attila seamlessly integrates traditional practices with innovative ideas in the cellar, and works exclusively with old vines and small yields in order to explore the full potential of his terroir. His wines are all fermented and aged in old barrels until Attila decides they are ready to be bottled. In recent years Attila has also been taking on many small 'consulting' projects, supporting many small winemakers around Hungary with successfully converting vineyards to organic viticulture, but also helping them with a 'hands-off' approach in the cellar. Due to his project work, he also encountered the region of Lake Balaton - a wonderful, ancient volcanic region that shows immense potential for Kekfrankos as well as Olaszrizling.

No matter if you are a fan of 'natural' or 'fine' wines, Attila does not put his wines into narrow boxes - preferring the wines to speak for themselves. We couldn't agree more.

Tokaji 2018
Attila Homonna
Tokaji 2018