Indomiti Vini | Simone Ambrosini

'We chose the vineyard. We wanted to take a piece of the world. Put it in order, in matter and spirit. And we chose the vineyard. This we do. Look for the lost balance. The only antidote to cure this sick world. Indomitable, always.'

Veneto, Italy


Organic (Uncertified)


3 hectares


"It must have been summer 2020 when we first gave Simone Ambrosini a call. Due to COVID we couldn’t visit him straight away, which meant a phone call - intuitive small talk was the starting point of exchanging his thoughts, his vision and Indomiti Vini - Simone’s brainchild for the past 3 years. Simone studied enology and viticulture at the University of Trento e Udine, simultaneously starting some notable stints with the likes of Corte Pavone in Montalcino in 2015 and Domaine Chevrot in 2017.

For Simone working alongside winemaker Daniele in Tuscany really gave him an eye-opening understanding of biodynamic farming and the concept of single grape, single parcel winemaking. Later in Burgundy the Chevrot family taught him a lot about the concept of precision and balance in wines and that often this would be a result of precise work in the vineyard rather than interventions in the cellar. In 2018 Simone returned back to his home town Vincenza where he was able to agree to a long-term rent for a vineyard completely surrounded by the forest of Arcugnano above Lake Fimon - and planted with local varieties such as Garganega, Tai Rosso (plus some obscure and unknown varieties) as well as Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon.

To this day Simone doesn’t own any winery or place, but instead keeps his modest tanks and concrete vats and equipment to the minimum. Since 2021, he is joined by a young oenology student Camilla, who is helping him to become even more focused on the vineyard (manual palissage work and rolling the apex by hand is just one of many steps) - something Simone believes will have even more positive impact on the grapes. We are excited to follow the journey of the young Simone and cannot wait to share more updates from Veneto."

Lottai Più Forte 2019
Indomiti Vini
Lottai Più Forte 2019