Our Story

In 2014, Newcomer Wines emerged as an unconventional wine importer specialising in ‘The New Old World’, sourcing wines from Austria that lie close to our hearts. Since then, we have ventured to other countries that culturally and historically share deep common grounds. Whether borrowing from or rewriting tradition, our growers share a common purpose — to make wines that are an honest reflection of the place and the people that make them, leaving as little imprint and re-establishing bio-diversity on the natural world — as they go. In 2018, we partnered with Kiffe My Wines, who shares the same ethos and passion as us, with a speciality in French wines.

Speaking about ’The New Old World’, this expression does not only mean looking off the beaten paths of Europe — it also means going beyond the topic of wine — connecting our growers with an audience and colleagues who they usually wouldn’t have the chance to meet in their local communities.

We hope to (re)connect soon and until then, please enjoy reading about the people, places and philosophies behind the wines that we love sharing with you.


Peter, on behalf of the team