Les Jardins de Theseïs

'Here we don't cultivate vines. We garden them.'

Loire, France


Biodynamic (Certified)


6.5 hectares


Les Jardins de Theseiis is a new domaine created by Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux and Paul-André Risse. They've taken on 4.9ha of vineyards in Thesée, Loir-et-Cher, planted and previously worked by Bruno Allion, who has been farming impeccably since the late 90s (Demeter certified since ‘97). The name of their domaine refers to the 16th century namesake of the village and points to the fact that the majority of the vineyards are co- planted with fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Rather than put their own name on the label, they chose to pay homage to this, wanting to cherish the land and pass it on to the next generation. 2018 has been their first solo vintage, and what an incredible year it has been for them, as this year also gave birth to their daughter. It was not an easy one, as Paul recalled, saying that at one point Anouk had two babies crying at home - their daughter and him - for fear of losing the entire harvest with the persistent pressure of disease.

The duo have an incredible pedigree, both in and outside the wine world. Both biologists and researchers in the field of respiratory diseases, with a passion for wine, they came to study in Montpellier and Italy and worked with various estates including the likes of Mark Angeli and Chateau Palmer.

Many decades ago, their cellar was dug out of the sandstone hills, keeping it naturally cool all year long. The whites are aged in used Burgundy barrels, and the reds in second-hand barrels from Chateau Palmer. They show great confidence, depth and personality. Having been there at the beginning of their wine journey, studying in the same class, it was clear that out of the 30 students these two would go on to do great things!

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