Le Vin de Deux


'From grapes to art, there is only one step... well, sometimes two!'

Location: Burgundy, FranceFarming: Organic (Certified)Size: 1 hectare

Meet Le Vin de Deux

Valérie Gavaud and Bill Moysan have been running the smallest domain in Chablis since 2010. Le Vin de Deux is just a single hectare, producing only two wines. Valérie inherited the parcels near Fleys - also in the premier cru location Mont de Milieu - from her mother, and her family has been making wine there for over a century. They sold their grapes to the local cooperative for the first couple of years, and have only been bottling their own wines since 2014.

For health reasons, Bill was out of action for a while, but luckily Valérie has family nearby and her uncle Christian was able to step in and lend a hand. In addition, a couple of well-known friends helped out: Alice and Olivier de Moor, themselves legendary winemakers in Chablis. They have been an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance in the vineyards, and still support them today.

From the beginning, Valérie and Bill managed their vineyards biodynamically. The two want to keep the extraordinary kimmeridgian limestone terroir as unadulterated as possible. Their wines are aged in Valérie’s semi-underground cellar, in large wooden barrels for 2 years. They only use sulphur at the very end, and only in tiny amounts. Valérie is also a well known artist and every year she will draw the label to be a reflection of the vintage and the year they have experienced.

These are extremely noble and elegant wines, and since we first tasted them, they have continued to impress us with their clean, focused character. Terroir-driven Chablis wines, in our opinion, are some of the most beautiful expressions of Chardonnay (and just wine in general) that you’ll lay your hands on. In that respect, we’re pleased to let you know that Le Vin de Deux don’t disappoint.

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