Marie & Florian Curtet

'You have to unlearn everything that you’ve been taught previously. Then you have to experiment. I put a lot of energy initially into combatting disease in the vines. Now I use that energy in a positive way — to enable the plant to be autonomous.'

Savoie, France


Biodynamic (Certified)


5 hectares


Marie and Florian Curtet took over the biodynamic estate of the retired Jacques Maillet in 2016, with whom Florian worked since 2013. Meanwhile, Marie worked with Gilles Berlioz, meeting Florian while helping Jacques Maillet during harvest one year. Together, they have been working to understand and reinterpret this unique terroir as their own, climbing the equivalent of Mont Blanc every single week!

The vineyards are located in the idyllic commune of Motz and Serrières-en-Chautagne, on steep slopes. Three hectares are planted to Mondeuse, Gamay and Pinot Noir, and two hectares are planted to Altesse and Jacquère. They have also planted a section to a massale selection of Gringet (clonage material which comes from Belluard), Savagnin, Molette, and the rare Mondeuse Blanche. The vineyards sites are located close to the Lac du Bourget, on steep slopes, overlooking the Rhône river. The climate is greatly influenced by the proximity to the river, and the high winds, helping them work alongside nature to achieve optimal ripeness and reduce the need for spraying. The famous Chautagne "molasse soils" (decomposed sandstone) gives extra freshness to the wines and an incredible potential for ageing. Reds are whole bunch macerated and whites are pressed directly. A very limited amount of sulphur is used during the winemaking process.

The 2018 and 2019 wines landing in the UK, as well as a small amount of Altesse 2017, are all bottled under AOP Savoie. They highlight what this energetic, young couple can achieve through experimenting with new bottlings and blends, thus expressing this unique terroir through their own lens.

Altesse 2017
Domaine Curtet
Altesse 2017
Autrement Rouge 2016
Domaine Curtet
Autrement Rouge 2016