Domaine Mada


'I spend most of my time and energy trying to grow grapes on the vines; to then sit and separate the berries and use a de-stemmer seems counter- intuitive.'

Location: Languedoc, FranceFarming: Organic (Uncertified)Size:

Meet Domaine Mada

On arriving at Domaine Mada, you feel as though you’ve stumbled upon an untouched nature reserve. It is a unique, magical oasis. And this magic permeates Edouard’s wines.

When Edouard started, he was mainly using fibre glass tanks, and made the wine in his garage. Always a good way to start, as you cannot cover mistakes with such simple equipment, but it’s also a good way to better understand your winemaking situation and terroir.

In 2018, due to quite rainy conditions early in the season, they lost all their crop, and had to resort to buying grapes in from friends. Something they coined "marche noir" - from the Black Market. Last year, Edouard and his girlfriend Pauline decided to acquire more land in a different area. This has given them the opportunity to work with different terroirs, but also to build a real cellar. The property they found has perfect vaulted walls, and now gives them the added advantage to age the wines.

Our story with Edouard started a few years before that. We first crossed paths when he was still studying wine in Montpellier, and we met with him regularly in wine bars. We also worked an entire harvest in 2015 together, helping Olivier Cohen. We knew that Edouard was talented and would make honest, pure and fantastic wines down the line. He uses mainly local varieties that are grown on limestone subsoils, keeping freshness in the wines for this relatively warm area.

Since 2019, all wines from the domain are barrel aged, barely topped up, and do not see any sulphur. Sometimes white and red grapes would be blended together to offer more complexity too. Edouard is one of the youngest natural winemakers in France, but trust us, he is truly talented. You should try his wines as they are 'Tout sauf l’ennui’ – everything, except boring.

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