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'I try to make non-alcoholic beverages as exciting and complex in taste as a good wine, since this will be the future.'

Location: Vienna, AustriaFarming: Organic (Certified)Size: n/a

Meet Wonderful Drinks | Anna Abermann

Wonderful Drinks is on a simple mission: to produce delicious, natural, additive free juices, using organic fruit of uncompromising quality. Disenchanted with the mass produced soft drinks available to the world, Anna Abermann was inspired to find a better alternative to these products, and began producing artisanal soft beverages using fruit sourced directly from farmers around Europe. They are raw, unpasteurised, direct pressed and unfiltered, so there is no need to add sugar or anything else.

Anna’s belief is that our focus on non-alcoholic drinks and beverages should be as important as our focus on quality wines. “People will drink less alcohol and will carefully choose their alternatives,” says Anna. “I want to provide an alternative for every occasion, but without compromising on taste, quality, and ingredients.”
Although the juice is sourced from elsewhere, the drinks themselves are produced in Austria. Of their extensive range, we tasted the Bitter Fog Tonic, as well as the Bitterschön Lemon and Orange, and all we could think about were Mediterranean summers and days spent in the sunshine. We had to get them on board.

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