Radovan Šuman


'Our relationship towards nature, and, consequently wine, stems from a very complex view of the entire way in which the universe works and functions. All of us, the universe included, are living beings who exist according to the most fundamental gesture of life: Inhaling and exhaling.'

Location: Stajerska, SloveniaFarming: Biodynamic (Certified)Size: 8 hectares

Meet Radovan Šuman

The history of the Šuman family goes back to the 14th century, back then they were based in the Vosges region in France. Through the periods of the last crusades and the demise of the chivalric orders, they settled in Slovenia, where the family is based today. Already Radovan’s grandfather, Franc, dedicated his attention to viticulture and subsequently passed on his respect and passion to his sons, including Radovan’s father Joze Šuman. Today, Radovan, alongside his wife Simona, farms 8 hectares of vineyards in the Štajerska region of Slovenia. It is historically and culturally interconnected with its Northern Austrian counterpart, better known as Styria.

Naturally, the Šumans grow a similar set of varieties such as Chardonnay and Welschriesling as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer to name a few. Visiting the family’s vineyards, you instantly sense a deep connection with nature, allowing a rich and biodiverse set of plants and animals to grow and exist next to the vines. The micro- climatic foundation derives from a mix of the Pannonian influence from the Hungarian planes, Mediterranean influences from the Vipava valley down South as well as Alpine streams originating from the Northern borders with Austria. Soils are typically formed by a variety of clay and sandstone and limestone soils.

His deep commitment to biodynamics is further resembled in his two main cuvées, Moon Drops and Sun Drops. While Moon Drops is a lighter, more delicate blend (mainly using Chardonnay and Muskateller) the Sun Drops blend is a more powerful and structured cuvée using Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer. To us, they are wines of great detail and exciting dimension to the Slovenian Styrian cultural landscape.

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