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Since 2014, Newcomer Wines have been importing the wines of ‘The New Old World’ to the trade throughout the UK. Year after year, our friends and partners in the industry have grown, and the presence of these wines in shops, restaurants, bars and homes throughout the country has continued to increase.

We now work with hundreds of like-minded individuals, from Michelin starred restaurants and neighbourhood wine bars to coffee shops and members clubs, and share wines with friends in every far corner of the UK. We have built bonds between growers and sommeliers, winemakers and shop owners, farmers and drinkers, and firmly believe that these connections, this community, is exactly what wine & drinks are about.

Whether it be through meet and greets like Winemaker Saturdays, collaborations with chefs such as Konstantin Filippou and AngloThai, or by holding rooftop parties with winemakers Christian Tschida & Tom Lubbe, we want to connect the people behind the wines with those that enjoy them.

We are always interested in finding new partners and building new connections, so should you like to learn more then please get in touch by emailing!