Salima & Alain Cordeuil

'We attach great importance in time. We refuse to rush.'

Champagne, France


Organic (Certified)


4 hectares


Salima and Alain Cordeuil are based in the Cote des Bars, Champagne’s most southerly sub- region, lying closer to Burgundy’s Chablis than to the core regions of Reims and Epernay. Here, in the village of Noé les Mallets, slopes within the appellation can reach up to 300m above sea level, a drastic increase compared to the lower levels found in the Montagne de Reims or Vallée de la Marne.

After having met in their respective studies (Alain holds a degree in psychology, while Salima graduated in French literature), Alain and Salima’s journey in wine started in 2009 when the two were able to take over a small number of vineyards from Alain’s family. After two years of grape growing, they decided to take over the vinification too, and made their first wines in 2011. In 2012, they initiated the conversion to organic agriculture, and were full certified in 2015. From their total of 4ha they mainly grow a combination of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with the average age of their vines being 30 to 55 years old. They have planted a small number of vines in recent years which they use to produce a Saignée de Rosé.

Their Vin Clair is aged in tank on the lees for 12 months, after which they bottle by hand, adding fermenting must from the following year. Their wines are characterised by extended ageing on the lees, adding complexity and resulting in profound wines.

From 2019, they have also introduced barrels in their cellar. Spending time with Alain and Salima
and drinking their wines has a meditative quality, very much reflecting their calm and positive poise. These are wines for sensitive wine lovers, really showcasing their great talent to capture the vibrant natural habitat they continue to create in the vineyards.

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