Andreas, Lydia & Martin Nittnaus

'Nittnaus with Attitude.'

Burgenland, Austria


Biodynamic (Certified)


60 hectares


If you walk through the doors of any restaurant in Austria, ordering a bottle of Nittnaus will certainly give you a respectful nod from the Sommelier.
The winery - Anita und Hans Nittnaus - has been among the 'créme de la créme' of Austria’s leading wineries for over 30 years now. The winemaker behind this success is Hans 'John‘ Nittnaus, a true pioneer, and still today, a mastermind behind many important developments in Burgenland. Many of Austria’s great vignerons, including our very own Jutta Ambrositsch and Claus Preisinger, have learned their trade under his wings. But behind the shadow of his legacy, sons Martin and Andi, as well as their cousin Lydia Nittnaus (an alumni of Newcomer Wines), have been working hard to slowly take over the reins of the winery today. We first started importing micro amounts of Martin’s own wines a few years back, but we are excited to finally release the trio’s first joint project - a selection of different interpretations of Grüner Veltliner and Blaufränkisch from various plots of the biodynamic estate.

While the 'Manila‘ line represents the entry point of the project, with a macerated Grüner as well as a juicy Blaufränkisch, the 'Elektra‘ - a highly energetic white from a limestone vineyard on the North tip of Lake Neusiedlersee - as well as the more advanced cuvées under the ’Tochter’ label, display micro cuvées that try to redefine the idea of the native varieties and showcase a side of the Burgenland we have yet to come across.

While their new venture is very much a 'work-in- progress‘, we are excited to share them with you and look forward to the years to come for their wines!

Tochter Grüner Veltliner 2020
Tochter Grüner Veltliner 2020
Manila Blaufränkisch 2020
Manila Blaufränkisch 2020