Vagabond 2018

If you know, you know – and if you don't, this is 100% Pinot Noir planted on the steepest vines at the highest possible altitude in the Valais region of Switzerland – in the words of Hans-Peter of Domaine de Mythopia, these wines are 'grapes and air', pure and simple. Sour cherries and red currants underlined with a touch of spice and earthiness – like getting lost in the Swiss mountains while foraging for berries.

This wine comes from one of the Valais’ highest vineyard sites just off the village Ayent and Arbaz. The grapes for this cuvée are 100% Pinot Noir planted on a bed of slate and schist farmed biodynamically. The vineyard is approximately 25 years of age.

The grapes were partly de-stemmed and ferment in 1000L tanks for a twelve weeks with occasional push downs to slowly extract the tannins in the skins. After pressing the fermenting juice is transferred into small used barrels to age for a minimum of 2 years. Throughout that period there is no topping up or any kind of filtration or fining and all wines at Mythopia are being bottled without the addition of sulphur.

The Facts:

Farming: Organic

Region: Valais, Switzerland

Vintage: 2018

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Colour: Red

ABV: 12%

Size: 75 cL




Domaine de Mythopia was started in 2004 when Hans-Peter and Romaine Schmidt bought conventional vineyards in the Valais and began converting them to organic farming. When they first started working the soils, they were completely depleted - a product of years of intensive farming. Hans-Peter immediately set out to bring them back to life - using only natural remedies to nurse the land back to health and encourage biodiversity in his vineyards ...

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