Thomas Niedermayr

Paschwai 2021

A rich, ripe and round white wine coming from the north of Italy in Alto Adiege. While you might not be familiar with Souvignier Gris as a variety – a hybrid specifically developed to withstand different diseases – this is the perfect bottle to get acquainted with it. Fresh and fruity, with notes of honey and melon, the perfect summer time wine.



Winemaker: Thomas Niedermayr


Region: Alto Adige, Italy

Vintage: 2021

Grapes: Souvignier Gris

Colour: White


Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Thomas Niedermayr

The Niedermayr family is deeply rooted in the small village of Eppan, a few kilometres outside of Bolzano in the heart of Alto-Adige. Viticulture has been passed on for generations, but the family also owns and farms traditional apple orchards, and integrates a multitude of animals into their everyday agriculture. The minute you step out of the car and arrive, you really feel a special energy surrounding Hof Gandberg ...