Inebriati Victor Beau

Nerei 2022

One for those who like a little touch of funk! This Ugni Blanc driven cuvée is full of bright, fruity citrus and tropical notes, along with some butter and yeastiness – give it an hour or so to breathe and you'll be rewarded with even more complexity. With a little effervescence on opening, this is a wine for those who aren't afraid to try something new or different.



Winemaker: Inebriati Victor Beau

Farming: Biodynamic

Region: Languedoc, France

Vintage: 2022

Grapes: Ugni Blanc

Colour: White

ABV: 12%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Inebriati Victor Beau

The estate was created in 1982, and although it was very much avant-garde in its farming straightaway (biodynamic since 1985), Christoph Beau was seen as young and crazy for preferring to optimise the natural process, relying on his intuition and conviction rather than scientific measures. In 2010 Victor, Christoph's son, took over after a short career in physiotherapy, and ...