Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch

Mon Blanc 2021

A wine that is as modern and old school as it gets - how’s that possible? Well, Alwin and Stefanie always had vineyards on their best sites in Kamptal planted with the lesser-known varieties of the area such as Weissburgunder and Muskateller however it never felt as if it was the wine they felt connected with - that changed when they decided to pick the vineyard as a whole - so meaning picking all their grapes including the classic Grüner and Riesling and co-ferment them and press them as a traditional field-blend as Alwin's grandfather would have done. To give some more flavour and character they left the juice to ferment on the skins for a couple of weeks with a gentle 'infusion‘ bringing out the best of every vintage.

It’s a wonderfully floral and delicate orange wine with a mineral backbone from its Kamptal roots. Think orange peel and honey mingling with a floral edge and a sprinkle of almonds – a beautiful wine to make even the most ordinary moments feel a little more special.



Winemaker: Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch

Farming: Organic

Region: Kamptal, Austria

Vintage: 2021

Grapes: White Blend

Colour: White


Size: 750 mL


Behind the Bottle

Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch

Alwin and Stefanie’s winery dates back to the 16th century, making it one of Austria’s oldest estates. The Jurtschitsch family bought the property in 1868 and in 2010 Alwin and his wife Stefanie took over and have taken the winery from strength to strength ever since. Their first step was to convert to organic farming and place sustainability and site expression at the heart of their winemaking practice. They also started to ...