Thomas Niedermayr

Amurasca 2021

Summer in a glass! This 100% Solaris cuvée – a PIWI cultivated by Thomas Niedermayr's father at the turn of the last century, bred to thrive in the specific conditions of his vineyard, eliminating the need for artificial chemicals and pesticides – is bursting with tropical and herbaceous aromas. Drinking this feels like sitting in a the garden of an Italian masseria. Saluti!


Winemaker: Thomas Niedermayr


Region: Alto Adige, Italy

Vintage: 2021

Grapes: Solaris

Colour: White


Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Thomas Niedermayr

The Niedermayr family is deeply rooted in the small village of Eppan, a few kilometres outside of Bolzano in the heart of Alto-Adige. Viticulture has been passed on for generations, but the family also owns and farms traditional apple orchards, and integrates a multitude of animals into their everyday agriculture. The minute you step out of the car and arrive, you really feel a special energy surrounding Hof Gandberg ...