Jutta Ambrositsch

Rosengartel 2015

A wine that in Marco's words (Jutta's husband): "It's like going to church, only fresh and deluxe! Tall white candles and roasted almonds in fleur de sel come promptly to mind when wetting the tongue with this tenderloin of Vienna’s Nussberg... This Southsouthsouthvineyard achieved a performance in 2015, to which one would like to pay reverence. No dry stress, no heat damage, top-class, magical grapes were harvested... In other words: Jutta is entirely in agreement with this Riesling."

This is Riesling from the iconic Rosengartel vineyard planted on limestone soils, organically farmed by Jutta. Due to laws and regulations, this is the last vintage that Jutta could call this cuvée by the vineyard name; so from future vintages onwards it will be known as Riesling Utopie.

The wine fermented naturally and was bottled unfined and unfiltered.



Winemaker: Jutta Ambrositsch

Farming: Organic

Region: Vienna, Austria

Vintage: 2015

Grapes: Riesling

Colour: White

ABV: 13%

Size: 750 mL


Behind the Bottle

Jutta Ambrositsch

In 2005 Jutta Kalchbrenner (formerly Ambrositsch) decided to make a dramatic career change and left her job as a graphic designer to make traditionally inspired wines from old vine parcels in the middle of Austria's capital, Vienna. The city is particularly famous for its historic field blends known as ‘Gemischter Satz’. Most of Jutta's wines are blends or field blends inspired by this Viennese tradition, and her goal is to always ...