Franz Weninger

A Glimmer of Hops 2020

Wine flavoured with hops! Wild hops began growing around the perimeter of one of Weninger's orchards, and since none of their beer brewer friends wanted to work with the hops, Weninger took them for himself and made something magical.

The fresh, uncooked hops were added to the wine during fermentation and remained in contact for several weeks in amphora. Since the wine was directly pressed Blaufränkisch, tannin and fruit on the palate of the Glimmer of Hops are attributed to the hops.

Drink it straight up or mixed with tonic for a gorgeous little aperitif – prost!



Winemaker: Franz Weninger

Farming: Biodynamic

Region: Horitschon / Mittelburgenland

Vintage: NV

Grapes: Blaufränkisch

Colour: Red

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 500 mL


Behind the Bottle

Franz Weninger

A good place to start is Franz Weninger's fantastic and dangerously delicious rosé, which is named after his grandmother. Rózsa Petsovits was born 1921 in Horitschon, Hungary in the shadow of WWI. Within the same year, Horitschon became part of Austria but the nearby city of Sopron defiantly voted to remain in Hungary. Today, almost a century ...