Christoph Neumeister

Ried Moarfeitl 2018

Sauvignon Blanc but not as you know it! Fragrant and bursting with personality, this 100% SB from Christoph Neumeister is fresh, crisp and precise, with a herbaceous edge, flint on the nose and a creamy mouthfeel from its time spent on lees. Sure, you could drink this now - but what if you held onto it? Crack this open in a few years for something extra special (or don't – we're not your mum).


Winemaker: Christoph Neumeister

Farming: Organic

Region: Styria, Austria

Vintage: 2018

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: White

ABV: 13.5%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Christoph Neumeister

The history of the Neumeister estate starts with Christoph's father, Albert, who back in the late 1990s paved the way for a young, dynamic generation that has put organic farming and high- quality winemaking at the forefront of their work. Despite having been established as one of the region's prime estates, it is thanks to Christoph that