Michael Wenzel

Wild + Free | Voodoo Child 2021

A wine that is so unusual that you would struggle to believe that it has been made of white grapes rather than red grapes! It's rich colour stems from the skins of Pinot Gris, which lend the wine intense, umami-like flavours. Red thai curry meets ice-cold capirinhas. Open this bottle the next time you want to trick and treat your friends, and share with them a true discovery.
Made from Pinot Gris from one of Michael Wenzel's organically grown limestone vineyards around his home town of Rust.


Winemaker: Michael Wenzel

Farming: Biodynamic

Region: Burgenland, Austria

Vintage: 2021

Grapes: Pinot Gris

Colour: Skins

ABV: 12%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Michael Wenzel

Furmint and Austria would not be the same without the story of the Wenzel family. Based in Rust, a (former) stronghold of world- famous sweet wines, Michael Wenzel’s grandfather and father believed in this grape so much that they secretly smuggled back historic clones from Hungary in times of the Iron Curtain and Cold War, risking getting caught (with severe consequences). But when they arrived back to the Hungarian-Austrian border, Wenzel senior would pull out his clarinet, playing old Hungarian folk music which was forbidden back in the communist time ...