Newcomer Wines

The French Connection

Expand your French vocabulary and your palate at the same time with our French Connection pack. Three wines coming from three iconic wine regions across France – the perfect way to introduce yourself to the incredible range of winemaking styles that France is known and loved for.

L'Ecu, Muscadet Cuvée Granite 2020 – A clean and classic expression of Melon de Bourgogne from the Loire valley. Grapes are planted on granite soils and farmed biodynamically.

Majas, Orange 2021 – Skin contact Sauvignon Blanc coming from Roussillon in the south of France. Hazy and a little wild, with a savoury, herbaceous quality. Vines are planted on clay, limestone and slate, and farmed organically.

Les Granges Pâquenesses, Le Plou Poulsard 2020 – A complex yet light and juicy red, characteristic of the Jura region. 100% Ploussard grapes are planted on red marl soils and farmed biodynamically.