Franz Weninger

Rozsa Petsovits 2021

Not your average rosé! Deep, floral aromatics mingle on the nose with a woody earthiness, underpinned by fruity, dark cherry notes. There's a buzzy, tingly Szechuan pepperiness that lingers on the tongue long after finishing, and a weightiness to this wine that makes you want to sit and savour it. Dare we say it, the ultimate winter rosé? You be the judge.



Winemaker: Franz Weninger


Region: Horitschon / Mittelburgenland

Vintage: NV

Grapes: Syrah Blend

Colour: Rosé

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Franz Weninger

A good place to start is Franz Weninger's fantastic and dangerously delicious rosé, which is named after his grandmother. Rózsa Petsovits was born 1921 in Horitschon, Hungary in the shadow of WWI. Within the same year, Horitschon became part of Austria but the nearby city of Sopron defiantly voted to remain in Hungary. Today, almost a century ...