Milan Nestarec

Postmoderna NV

A blend of nine different barrels of Blaufränkisch, all working together in beautiful harmony. Milan set out to make friendly, energetic Blaufränkisch for everyday drinking – in his own words, "We don't want to showcase the voice of one given location, vintage or point of view; its force lies in the fact that there are 9 of them, no shouting or boasting but rather a pretty civil debate."

An easygoing, vibrant and fruity expression of Blaufränkisch, this wine is happiest in the middle of the dinner table or shared among good friends.



Winemaker: Milan Nestarec

Farming: Organic

Region: Moravia, Czech Republic

Vintage: NV

Grapes: Blaufränkisch

Colour: Red

ABV: 12.5%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Milan Nestarec

When summarizing Milan’s work we would like to start by quoting our dear friend Marko Kovac, co- founder of Central Europe’s most respected Salon - Karakterre: 'There really should be a division to BMC and AD in the Czech Republic. That’s Before Milan Nestarec & Anno Domini. Not to say that he is the reincarnation of Christ. But he did show the way for many who today make Eastern Europe one of the world’s most exciting & vibrant wine regions ...