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A Taste of Italy

Get a taste of La Dolce Vita with our Taste of Italy pack – three bottles from three different producers, coming from three different wine making regions across Italy.

This pack includes some special bottles that you won't find anywhere else on our website, so get them before they're gone!

Selvadolce, Crescendo 2020 – 100% Pigato (a close relation of Vermentino) coming from northern Italy in Liguria, where the local variety dominates the region's white wine production. Grapes are farmed biodynamically on sandy soils, where vines are strongly influenced by their coastal climate.

Amorotti, Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo 2020 – A rosé made with Montepulciano grapes, coming from the mountainous region of Abruzzo on Italy's east coast. Grapes are grown on chalky-clay soils and farmed organically.

Alessandro Viola, Note di Rosso 2021 – A Nero d'Avola blend coming from a high-altitude estate on Italy's south coast in Sicily, where hot sunny days and cool nights create bold yet fresh wines. Vines are planted on a mix of limestone, sand and clay soils, and are farmed organically.