Claus Preisinger

Ukraine Libre 2021

The Puszta Libre you know and love but with a new colour scheme, and with 100% of the profits from this wine going to causes supporting Ukraine.

A new-age classic for a reason! "Gekühlt Servieren" on the label translates to "Serve Chilled", and that's exactly what you should do with this bottle. A juicy, fruity, easy-drinking red best served straight out of the fridge (and usually followed by another bottle). Slam dunk.

From the Burgenland, Austria, this is organically farmed Zweigelt and St. Laurent from the Puszta — this is what the free wide land in Hungarian is called the Pannonian lowlands. In Claus’ words, it’s “A free wine from a free area. My homage to good Beaujolais.”

A portion of the wine underwent a five-day carbonic fermentation, in a similar way to how leading Beaujolais natural wine producers work. It fermented naturally, and was aged in steel tanks for just six months to preserve freshness. No sulphur added.



Winemaker: Claus Preisinger

Farming: Biodynamic

Region: Burgenland, Austria

Vintage: 2021

Grapes: Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent

Colour: Red

ABV: 11.5%

Size: 75 cL


Behind the Bottle

Claus Preisinger

Claus Preisinger’s story starts 20 years ago at the tender age of 20 with a few tanks and barrels. The newly trained winemaker had just started working for Hans Nittnaus - back then, and still today, one of the pioneers of early organic winemaking in the region. What always stayed was his immense talent to reflect purity and balance in his wines. Around 2006/2007, alongside like-minded growers in the village, he ...