Riesling 'Rosengartel' 2014 by Jutta Ambrositsch

Rosengartel is somewhat the holy grail of Viennese vineyards. Situated on the Nussberg appellation, Rosengartel is the filet piece, as Jutta likes to call it.

In 2014 Jutta invested almost an absurd number of painstaking hours of manual labor into this diva for - believe it or not - only 700 litres. 700 litres doubtlessly liquid gold, which were accompanied by 25 harvesters into the wine cellar, after they had picked berry by berry in two rounds. 

Well, I guess there are only a few Riesling sites in Austria that can take on this small beauty. Stone fruit, some citrus, subtle rose-scents, wet salt, crystal clear and god damn precise. Welcome to Riesling Wonderland.

DRY - 0.75L - 12.5%

39.90 GBP