Riesling 'Rosenberg' 2014 by Clemens Strobl

This Riesling comes from the premier vineyard of Wagram. Rosenberg, which literally translates into 'Rose mountain or Rose hill' is situated on top of the areas long hill formation the location and enables a perfect condition for the development of Riesling grapes. Warm and sun-flooded days and chilled winds coming from the woods surrounding the area.

What strikes us every time about this wine is that the vines are still extremely young as Clemens planted them less than 10 years ago. It was his first go and very first vineyard of the estate. Still, this wines shows the enourmous potential for Riesling in Wagram. Dense, strucured with an extreme length. Riesling Lovers around the world - you just got a new must-try example of this beautiful wine. What a shame that there's so little of it every year. Curious? Better be quick.

0.75L - DRY - 13% ABV

45.90 GBP