Weissburgunder 'ErDELuftGRAsrundreBEN' 2014 by Claus Preisinger

A special name for a special wine. The name derives from the four forces that shape this extraordinary natural wine! Earth - Air - Weed and Vines. Put these four words together (in German) and you get Erde - Luft - Gras - Reben.

Don’t get us wrong the name of this wine is not the only unusual thing about this unfiltered, low-intervention beauty.

The grapes for this wine have its origin on the ‚Leithaberg‘ appellation - one of the last alpine remains - enabling the vines to soak up the pure limestone and schist soil characteristics that make these wines so special. After picking, the berries are fermented in large Georgian amphoras for up to 8 weeks. A year later they are filled without filtration and if needed, minimal parts of sulphur.

This is a wine that shows a rich and deep character with smells of mandarines, peach - and, as Claus himself would put it: Simply awesome stuff where nothing and nobody is needed - except a lot of time!

0.75L - DRY - 13% ABV 

39.90 GBP