Gemischter Satz 'Sieveringer Ringelspiel' 2014 by Jutta Ambrositsch

Now we're talking! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the quintessence of Vienna, the Gemischter Satz. A field blend of numerous varieties, in Jutta's case 12(!!!) varieties grown in the same vineyard and harvested and pressed together.

The tradition of growing field blends in Vienna goes back for more than hundred years. Almost as old as this tradition are Jutta's fantastic old-vines that contribute to this subtle and energetic wine.

Since the grapes are all picked at the same time maturing processes are rarely or do not at all harmonize among each other. However, that is what authentic and old Gemischter Satz sites are all about. The decision-makers are the vineyards themselves - Jutta simply listens and takes any necessary further steps. The result? Well, lets put it what way - we never had such an 'easy-going' and cool punch with such a delicate and fantastic expression of soil. Vienna - pure, original and fun!

DRY - 0.75L - 12.5%

26.90 GBP